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Playland is changing the game when it comes to airsoft, offering different scenarios almost every day of open play, special events, and tactical mission-based play. Our course currently offers CQB (Close Quarters Battle)  house-to-house combat, on our open air outdoor field, and more! 

Airsoft Pricing-

All Players Must use Biodegradable bbs

Self- Equipped Players:

One hour: $10
Three hours: $20
All Day: $30
EXTRA Biodegradable BBS $6


One hour: $20
Three hours: $40
All Day: $50 - includes 1000 BBs

Rental Equipment: Includes admission, one gun, and face mask

Beginner and Advanced games every day we are open!

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Airsoft Parties San Francisco, CA


Do NOT arrive on-site with exposed guns. Your airsoft guns must be in bags or boxes, per the State of California laws.

Safety & Rules 

All rules must be followed at all times. Failure to do so will result in the player being removed from play or asked to leave Playland.

Our Airsoft Mission: To create EXCITING, SAFE, and REALISTIC airsoft games for everyone who loves the hobby. Playland wants to grow the hobby through education of safety and teach players to play with honor, integrity and sportsmanship.   


a. All players under age 18 must have a waiver signed by an adult.   

b. No person is allowed to enter the playing field without the proper waiver having been read and signed.


a. All weapons will be transported in soft or hard cases when they are brought to and from PLAYLAND 

b. All individuals that enter the field of play must be wearing approved eyewear:

- Full-face paintball-type mask for players under the age of 18.

- Safety goggles that meet ANSIZ87.1 with FULL seal around the eyes.

- Shooting glasses or other sport glasses that are ANSI Z87.1 but do not have a full-eye seal will NOT be accepted.

c. A mouth guard is recommended for players who do not wear a full face mask; lower mesh masks are allowed.


a. Playland is a simulated, post-apocalyptic urban environment. Caution must be exercised at all times when moving throughout the arena.

b. Knee and elbow pads, and boots or shoes with non-slip soles are recommended.

c. Gloves are RECOMMENDED. Finger shots are common and the most painful.

d. No climbing on any objects (barrels, vehicles, buildings, etc.).

e. No moving any objects or altering their original orientation. For example, do not close a car window if it is already open, or do not move a barrel to provide better cover from opposing fire.

f. No climbing into or through windows.


a. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

b. Always use barrel cover when not in arena.

c. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to shoot your target.

d. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

e. Playland does not have a minimum engagement distance; however, as a courtesy to all players, we suggest using the SURRENDER rule when engaging another player as close as five feet.

f. Acceptable grenades for use at Playland are Thunder-Bs and Tornado Shower Grenades. Shoes, tennis balls, water bottles, etc. are not accepted as a grenade device.

g. BB shower grenades DO NOT have an area of effect. A BB must hit a player to eliminate them.

h. A thrown, explosive/noise-making grenade fired into a building will eliminate all players in the room that the grenade lands in. BB shower ricochet hits count inside of a room ONLY. This is the ONLY instance of ricochet hits that count as a HIT. This rule is because BB shower grenades should be fired at the legs of players inside of rooms.


a. All weapons must pass a chronograph test during registration. Maximum velocity is 350 fps with .20 gram BBs. Referees will affix a tag to all weapons when they pass the chronograph station.

b. All games played will be SEMI-AUTOMATIC ONLY. The only exception is private events or private groups.

c. All selector switches on weapons will be placed in the safe position, and all magazine wells will remain empty while outside the field of play. Barrel covers must remain on at all times when not on the field!

d. Pistols must be holstered at all times outside the field.

e. No shooting above the roofline of the buildings. The field of play uses electric lights, as well as natural light. BBs can damage the lights and result in broken glass covering the field of play.

f. Firing blindly into an area or room is not authorized. You must see your target and aim as you shoot.


a. A grenade is defined as a Thunder B, BB Shower Grenade, or 40mm BB grenade.

b. Thunder B and other grenades have an 8-ft. “kill” radius and we encourage honesty, as it will add to the fun and atmosphere of the game.

c. All hand grenades must be deployed at less than waist height to limit injuries by accidental impact to a person directly.

d. Hand grenades will be deployed using an underhand toss. The only exception is deploying a grenade through a window where a slight side toss is allowed.

e. You must be at a window or doorway to toss a hand grenade into a room. 40mm grenades do not have this rule.

f. ABSOLUTELY NO overhand throws allowed.

g. 40mm BB grenades must be deployed using a launcher. You are required to shoot down toward the legs. Ricochets count for BB shower grenades.

h. All players in a room are considered HIT when a grenade activates within a room, even if the player is behind a desk or chair. Ricochet hits do count for BB shower devices activated inside a room.

i. The player that deployed the grenade must collect his or her own grenade at the end of the game. This includes spent shells; DO NOT leave them on the field.


a. Shots to a player’s personal equipment, as well as any part of his/her body, count as a hit. Weapon hits do not count. Ricochet hits do not count unless inside a room where a BB shower device was activated.

b. When you are hit by a BB or within the Thunder B radius (8 feet) – Call “Hit!” and raise your gun and hand. If the fire fight is too intense to leave cover, stay down until it is clear to move. Always present yourself as OUT after being hit by a BB or Grenade.

c. Do not talk to teammates if you are OUT. This means walking back to the re-spawn point or while inside the re-spawn point.

d. You must re-spawn at your designated re-spawn points. If you are in view of the opponent’s re-spawn, allow the other players to move to cover before engaging. Shots don’t count until the player can make it to cover. If you are found to be camping on a re-spawn, you will be pulled back to let the game continue.

e. Do not leave the boundaries of the field during play. If you need to exit the arena at any time for any reason, find a referee and they will assist you.

f. No blind firing. Blind firing is firing at targets without looking where you are shooting and seeing your target as you shoot. If you cannot see your target as you shoot, you are blind firing. This is a safety issue and strongly enforced.


a. If you are within five feet of your target, you will call “surrender” or “bang.” Surrender is called when a shooting situation is no longer safe and is encouraged, such as finding a target from behind or from the side within minimum engagement range. The surrender is used to prevent injury to players at distances closer than five feet. A surrender is defined as one player getting a HIT on another player using only their voice. Running by yelling SURRENDER or calling it from a distance farther than five feet is considered invalid.

b. A player must call SURRENDER or BANG if they approach an opposing player within five feet who is not aware of the other player’s presence. The receiving player must honor the surrender, pull out his or her red rag, and return to the spawn station.

c. Face-to-face surrenders eliminate opponents with a 1:1 ratio. A face-to-face surrender will always result in both players being killed and both players must make their way to the medic tent. If you accidentally shoot instead of surrendering in a face-to-face surrender situation, remember to be polite and apologize before making your way to the medic tent.

d. A player may surrender groups of opponents from the rear or side and eliminate those opponents with a “bang” or “surrender” for each player to be surrendered. Groups of opponents up to three may be surrendered this way. A fourth player has the chance to return the surrender. This fourth surrender “kills” both players. A fifth player or more would survive. Any player facing you would negate the group surrender and would default to a face-to-face surrender. Referees will have final word if a question arises and will kill all parties.

e. Resolution amongst players is encouraged.

f. Friendly surrenders do NOT count. Know your targets.


a. Consumption of or possession of drugs and alcohol prior to, during, or after the event is strictly and expressly prohibited.

b. Players must have and use approved barrel cover devices.

c. Each player will have a chronograph tag attached to their weapon after testing their weapon at the chronograph station. The chronograph tag must be kept attached to the weapon at all times during game play. 350 FPS limit with .20 gram, 6 millimeter BBs. No exceptions.

d. Once game is called, remove your magazines, but do not clear or fire your weapons until you have reached the discharge bin to clear the chamber at the arena exit. Barrel covers must be used at all times.

e. Blind Man – If a person is seriously injured or is in need of medical care, call out “blind man” loudly. This will stop the entire game so that staff can attend to the person. This call-out is strictly for injury-related purposes only.

f. No arguing or fighting.

g. Any player witnessing, or victimized, by a rule violation, will immediately report the violation to the closest referee. The referee will make a judgment call that will stand as the decision.

h. Any player that is ejected from the arena for violations may return on another day. However, if the player commits one major rule violation, he or she will be immediately escorted off the arena, and may not be allowed to return.

Rule and Regulations Wrap-Up

Anyone that shows disrespect to any member will not be tolerated. Honor and sportsmanship are expected at all times. Airsoft is a game of honor. Violating this policy will resort not only in removal from the field but a ban from further games at Playland.

Airsoft/ Paintball

471 Kenilworth Dr. Petaluma, Ca. 94952

Located in Petaluma Fairgrounds, across from Dick’s Sporting Goods

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