Our paintball field is located at 471 Kenilworth Dr. in Petaluma

We are directly across the street from Dicks sporting goods and BevMo!!



PLAYLAND is the perfect way to try this exciting sport!

Whether it's your first experience or your hundredth, we have the facilities, the staff and the atmosphere to provide you with the absolute best paintball experience.


We offer the most awesome paintball playing experience in the Northern California area. 


We are a family friendly environment. We are able to give you a safe and fun introduction to the game for your whole family. All children over 10 years old can play. Children under 18 years old MUST have a parent/guardian fill out and sign a mandatory insurance waiver before they can play, and it is also encouraged that players read our field rules before a day of fun. See below to print the waiver before you arrive!


For tournament-level players, we offer a great paint selection, high-pressure air fills, and well-designed fields to help you hone your game to a fine edge. Our refs are knowledgeable and fair and will help new and experienced players in any way they can. For more information about paintball, please email us at or check out our FAQ page!


you can fill out a waiver online and send it in before you come! Then just check in with registration desk. Check the bottom of this page for the link


From beginner to pro, we know!

How much does it cost?

That depends on how long you want to play. For paintball the average person will shoot about 500 paintball in 3 hours. So if you rent equipment for an hour ($15 for an hour) and get 100 paintballs ($5) to try it out it will only cost $20. If you want to have a better and longer experience rent for 3 hours ($28) and get 500 rds. ($15) for less than $45 you will get in alot of games and have a great time. You can always purchase more paint if you are feeling like Rambo
Why can't we bring paintball from Wal-Mart, Big 5, Dick's, Sports Authority, Etc.?
Paintballs are a consumable commodity and need to be kept in a climate controlled envoirment. Big box stores (Wal-mart, Sports Authority, Etc.) treat them like sporting goods and may sit in warehouses for months, heating and freezing, before being sold. Also the ingredients are made with cheaper materials and can be extremely hard or extremely brittle. Both causing injury to player or damage to the equipment. Also we believe you should support local business. Without paintball stores there will be no paintball.
What do I get with (Basic) Rental?
You get a semi automatic paintball marker (one shot-one pull), full face protective goggle, loader and air tank. You can also get an optional protective vest. We also show you how to use the marker and a full safety briefing.

Playland is home to Ryan Podesta Professional paintball player. Ryan plays for San Francisco Explicit and is currently the Captain of the team. He has also played for Oakland BLast and was the captain for The Bushwackers for the past several years in the Pro division.

Ryan is a 4X World Champion and has traveled the globe playing paintball. Ryan helps train teams and players here at Playland. He also designs all of our fields for opitmal paintball fun! Play against Ryan any given day at Playland. Maybe teach him a thing or two, he aint as young as he used to be ;)



                            Pricing for Field paintballs

                            Case 2000 Paintballs: $50

                              Bag 500 Paintballs: $15

                               Bag 100 Paintballs: $5


All Self Equipped players may shoot paintballs from an associated store



    31ST Outfitters           DGX Paintball          Nor Cal Paintball

    7950 Redwood Dr.      950 Randolph St.    713 Merchant St. Suite A

     Cotati, Ca 94931       Napa, CA. 95688      Vacaville, Ca.  95688

      707-763-0330            707-255-5166             707-447-7529


Paintballs purchased from Walmart, Big 5, Sports Authority, or unauthorized stores will not be used and may be confiscated and given back after playing. If you have further questions regarding this policy, please contact us at  OR check out our FAQ page.



Includes: Semi auto marker, goggle, loader, tank and barrel cover

$15.00/ one hour

$28.00/ three hours

$40.00/ ALL day pass :

 (includes 200 rounds of paint)

Want to book a party?


Protective vests can be rented for $5


Includes: tournament level marker( fastest and most accurate) anti fog thermal goggle, electronic loader, tank and optional vest.


$18.00/ one hour

$35.00/ three hours

$50.00/ ALL day pass :

 (includes 200 rounds of paint)


$20.00/ three hours

$28.00/ ALL day pass :



*May shoot own paint from associated store

All day air $10- included when paying field entry

PAINTBALL Party Package $329:

  • Private Party tables
  • 10 players minium
  • Unlimited play during party time
  • Instructors and referees
  • Paintball guns for entire group
  • Safety Equipment for each participant
  • Protective vests
  • 2000 Paintballs
  • You can bring your own cake, food, and drinks!
  • Each additonal player $33

         Upgrade you party to all day for $499



Self Equipped Parties are $250 for 3 hours or $320 for all day

Click the link below to fill out the waiver online! No need to print! We got it!


Field Rules


  • Breaking any of the rules may result in suspension from play and/or dismissal from thepark with no refund of fees paid.
  • Maximum speed 285 FPS. ALL players must Chrono before play and several times throughout the day.
  • Semi-Auto and Pump guns only.
  • No Ramping, No Rebound, No Blind Firing.
  • PLAYLAND approved paintballs ONLY! Paintball must be bought from paintball store. Receipt must be produced upon request. 
  • NO paintballs with RED fill of any brand.
  • No Dry Firing in staging or parking lot area.
  • Players MUST be a minimum of 10 years of age.
  • Long pants are required and long sleeves are strongly recomended. For minors, bothlong pants and long sleeves are required.
  • All players MUST complete an Insurance Waiver.
  • Players under 18, MUST have THEIR PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN sign a waiver. You may do so online on the link above the field rules - A new signed waiver is required for everyvisit to the park.
  • ValidID AND Credit Card are required for rental of any equipment.
    note: players using rental equipment MUST use field paint Deposits are required to reserve equipment. All cancellations must be received in writing five business days prior to the date of your event. If you wish to cancel within the five business day period prior to your group's event, you understand and agree that any advance deposit/payment received will be 100% non-refundable.
  • NO alcoholic beverages allowed anywhere on the property.
  • No physical contact.
  • No foul language.
  • No blind firing.
  • No moving or jumping on the obstacles (bunkers), and no climbing on anything.
  • Referee decisions are final.
  • NO scuba tank fills nor may any person use their own scuba tanks to perform self-filling anywhere on the property.
  • Barrel Covers/Socks are required and are for sale at the field.
  • Old School barrel "Plugs" are NOT allowed.