BLOODBATH Airsoft Tactical Tournaments

Playland wants to push Airsoft forward giving it a legitimate platform for competition that teams can train and compete. We will offer different challenges and scoring that will test the skills of the teams different dynamics and training.  We will also be offering a cash prize , trophies, medals, and other prizes.

Who: Your 5 man team will compete in 4 different events each worth its own points. The teams to accumulate the most points  from all the days events, wins.

When: Oct. 1st Registration starts at 4:30pm events will start at 5pm

Where: PLAYLAND 471 Kenilworth Dr. Petaluma, CA. 94952

What:  Entry is $30 per person- Day of event will be $35 per person- must register at least 48 hours before start of event or pay increased $35 entry

We will be using technology never used in airsoft to score the games and make them more fun.

4 events:
Event 1: Shooting competition- Use your own equipment or borrow ours for free. This will involves pistol shooting of targets, shooting with movement, and a 3 gun style challenge. Each member will get will get 2 runs at the course and we will take the best scores from the teams.

Event 2: Army of 2- Use your own equipment or borrow ours for free. Your team must locate and save the VIP. The VIP has been taken hostage by individuals calling themselves the ARMY OF 2. You must locate and rescue the president by any means necessary. Scoring will be based on different objectives briefed on day of event.

Event 3: Crimson Jihad- You use your own gear or we will provide you with gear for free. A 5 man robbery team has seized the local bank in an effort to steal money for fund their nefarious ventures. Your teams job will be to take them down with minimal casualties to yourself or others. Scoring and briefing will be given day of event.

Event 4: THE END IS NEAR- This will be a mix of provided weapons and use of your own. Limited weaponry. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. You are the resistance. You must find check points, get bullets, get the antidote and save the world. Scoring and briefing will be given day of event.

Register your team-We will contact you for entry payment

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