Let Playland Host Your Next Airsoft Party! 

How Does It Work?

When you book an Airsoft party at Playland you are reserving gear for a minimum of 10 players for 2 hours. Once you arrive with your full group, you will check in at the front desk. We will collect all of the waivers and any remaining payment and we will take it from there! Before handing out gear we will go over all of the rules with you group and show them how to properly and safely use the equipment. Once the rules have been explained we will head back to your table and help kit up your group and then show them to the field. When it’s you’re groups turn to play it will be just them and the ref, no outsiders playing with them! From there on your group will be rotating on and off with the other rental and walk-on players. The other group will go on and play a game for 10 - 15 minutes and then once they are off it will be your groups turn again!

How Much Is It?

  • 2 hour party $299

  • 2 hour Weekday Party $399

  • each additional player over 10 $35

  • extra BBs $6 for 1000

Whats Included?

2 Hour Party

  • 10 players

  • Tippmann HPA Rifles for each player

  • 5000 bbs

  • Full Face Mask

  • Tactical Vest

  • Instructor and Referee

  • Unlimited Play During Party

  • Private Tables

Common Questions:

Do we bring our own food? 

Yes, you can bring any food or drinks you wish. You will need to provide plates napkins or decorations and you are welcome to do so. Local pizza places deliver to us all the time and know where we are. Red Boy pizza and Mountain Mikes are close,easy, and delicious! 

Is it indoors? 

 No. Our Airsoft field is outdoors, but our staging area where all the tables are is covered, so in between games you will be out of the elements and in the shade.

 What do we wear? 

Closed toed shoes are a must, We recommend athletic shoes or boots when it is wet. We also highly recommend wearing long pants, long sleeve shirts, and a hoodie. Any sort of thin gloves, batting gloves, bmx, or even gardening gloves. And lastly a beanie or hat.

For more information check out the Airsoft tab under activities!